Lollipop Press was created in September of 2010. With a lot of hard work and dedication, this one-of-a-kind digital shop took form and will only get better with age :)

My name is Amber Winward I am the owner/designer/creative director for Lollipop Press. I strive for designing product that everyone will love. With the variety of product available, there are countless ways to use my designs for just about everything. Lollipop Press will continue to inspire and motivate the creative drive in all of us through the modern designs and through my wonderful design team! Want to be part of the fun? Become a follower and check back often for opportunities to shine and share!

I am a wife to my wonderful husband (who also happens to be a graphic designer) and best friend of 10 years, have 4 beautiful children (that serve as my constant inspiration), and I love that I get to use my passion for designing on a daily basis!