Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New team is coming soon!!!

All the emails have been sent out and once I hear back from them I'll post our newest members!
So excited for the changes coming our way!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Final day for DT call!!

Hurry and turn in your DT applications- tomorrow is the final day and our new team members will be announced first thing Wednesday morning! scroll down to see DT rules and application process ;)


Technique Post - Gift Canister

Good morning girls!!! Happy Monday.

Have you tried the fabulous Dapper Man line yet???? It is a super fun line and soooo manly ;)
Today I've got a cute little gift canister for you to make for all those men in your lives. It holds a tie quite perfectly...but you could put anything you like in it, of course!

To start off we'll gather our supplies. I took the label off of a small Crystal Lite canister. It's perfect because it has no other markings on it and makes a great little container.

I printed out a couple of strips of patterned paper, the pomade circle and a circle for the lid.

First I measured a piece of cardstock to fit the canister then cut the correct lengths of my patterned strips. I also took a piece of matching cardstock and punched the edge with a decorative border.

Line all this up on your background piece and glue every thing on. Center and attach your pomade circle. Now you're ready to adhere the main piece to your canister. I just put adhesive down the ends, wrapped the paper around and it sticks really well.

Now you'll get your ribbons and attach a little knot to make it cute....but not too cute. We're talking men here ;) I also wrapped a little twine around the canister and included it in the blue knot.

Lastly, you'll take your patterned circle, fit it on the lid and add a little brad to top it off.

There you go...easy, peasy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Freebie!!

Sorry I'm posting this a little late- was out shopping this morning!

Hope you enjoy a fun freebie just for you! Remember, you can join in the Spot blog contests using this product!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just got the News!!

The wonderful and talented ladies over at ScrapStreet Magazine are starting a new digital/hybrid magazine called GingerScrap Street Magazine in Jan. 2011 (they currently have a blog, it's been up for a while, but they are turning into an official magazine!). I've been in touch with them and they have asked to do an 8 page article on the Lollipop Press company and product in that same issue! My Design team already has 1 of the 2 new lines coming out January and they are working hard to help showcase the product in this issue. We will keep you posted, but if you are a reader, there might be a little surprise in store for you if you comment from here on out ;)-


Monday, November 22, 2010

Technique Blog Post - Amanda Boyles

I love to create with the mantra "use it up, wear it out-make it do, or do without" on repeat in my head. I find it comes in handy quite a bit with alot of the digital kits I download. I LOVE to take an element from a kit and copy and paste it a bunch of times and get creative with making it fit the look of my page. I'm sure there are some of you who have done this little trick before but I'd thought I'd show a way to use it with one of my favorite Lollipop Press kits...
I took the individual swirl element that is included in the Shaded Chic Kit and after I copied and pasted it on there a bunch of times, I just resized and flipped around to my hearts content to make that fun little swirly accent surrounding my picture...I think it framed it quite nicely! Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing what you guys can do with the Lollipop Press kits...be sure and link us to your layouts! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Notice something new?

We've created a badge for you to proudly wear! It's on the right hand side- snag our badge and post it wherever you want! We also have a special one just for the Spot Blog too... so head over there and snag that one as well :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New DT search!

Due to unforseen circumstances, I've decided to add a few members to the DT!! Here are the details- You have until Nov. 30 to apply!! Check out the website for our awesome product and see if it's a fit for you and your style www.thelollipoppress.com

Lollipop Press DT Requirements:
3 LO's per line per month
1 non-LO project per line per month
1 technique post every other month or so. (this is on a rotation system... so it's not a regular thing)

I am looking for digital and/or hybrid scrappers. International peeps are welcome to apply as well!

You will be sent 2 new lines by the 1st of every month and have until the last day to complete said projects. Participation on the DT board and promotion abroad is imperative.

You can be on other DT's, but I require 100% commitment from you :)

If you are wanting to participate in this wonderful opportunity- send the following to me:

1) Name, email, blog, porfolio link
2)Little bio about yourself and why you'd be good for this position
3)Whether you do digi/hybrid/physical scrapping
4)Previous DT's and publications

*DISCLAIMER: If you are applying and are a physical/hybrid scrapper, you will be required to print your own product!! Please note that you will not have to print every little item made. Just be able to have a reliable way to print up the few things you will use for your projects.*

You are encouraged to submit for publications- they will be comensated if you are chosen :)

You are also ecouraged to participate in the Lollipop Spot Contest blog. Participation is not required to become part of the team, but chances will increase if you do ;) If you'd like to participate (awesome prize for this month btw) please include the request in your application.

Deadline for applications is Nov 30. Winners will be announced on Dec. 1. Spread the word and become a follower!

Send applications to lollipoppress@gmail.com

Can't wait to see all the talent! This was posted just last night and I already have a few applications!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Technique post: Joanne Busler

I use a program that is not the ever popular Photoshop, so I am hesitant to offer specific technique instructions. So, I have chosen to offer my design rules, ideas, and concepts, a.k.a. "Tips and Tricks".

For those who like concrete details and instructions, you are in luck there are rules I like to follow. For those who don't, you are also in luck, because as you already know, rules are meant to be broken from time to time.
No. 1

Ok, lets get to it! One design rule I always follow is to make my photos pop by either matting, outlining, or highlighting the edges of the photo or LO. Regardless of project type, whether digi, physical, or somewhere in between, I would follow this rule of thumb. After all, it is the person I am memorializing that I want to shine in my LO, not the kits. Here are some examples:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Holidays

Is it really getting THAT close? I'm so excited- I love the holidays.
I've been working hard to get Decembers lines done and I did something funny (and somewhat unexpected). I was working on the christmas line (which is to die for btw), when i just couldn't stop! lol... there was too much inspiration going on!
So..... I decided to do something- instead of having the regular 2 lines released Dec 1. I will only debuting 1. but it's a MEGA pack!! It's 20 papers and 68 embellies! Seriously, you wo'nt run out of projects on this one.
So be prepared- my DT is coming up with the eye candy so that we can all be amazed in just 2 weeks' time!

And be sure to stop by the SPOT blog- the theme will be changing on Monday, so join in the fun and spread the word. The prize for the month is FANTASTIC!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Lines!

Yes yes... I know... It's almost the middle of November (WHAT?!) and I'm just getting around to posting the November lines.
But better late than never right?
So here ya go- the two new lines are Nutty Buddy and Dapper Man. You can check out projects done by the design team at the SPOT blog. (and it's perfect too because the theme for the week is LEAVES, and what better way to say it than with the Butty Buddy line?!)

And if you want to snag these lines- head over to the shop and get them quick!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Technique Post: Jeannie De Gruccio

Digi Stamps with Digital Papers – Hybrid Project

Today I will show you the technique I use for making a Hybrid Card. Hybrid meaning, I have used a DIGITAL stamp, with DIGITAL paper on a NON-DIGITAL card.

To start with, I printed out all the patterns I wanted in the card on 3 ½ x 5 pieces of paper. The paper I am using is from the new November line called DAPPER MAN.

You can see from the above picture that I also printed my Digi stamp on the papers. I have 10 copies of the stamp and 1 with no DIGI stamp for BACKGROUND layering. Here is a closer shot so you can see all the patterns and all the printed images.

Usually when I am doing a card or project this way, I usually print out my DIGI image on WHITE paper and use that one as my BASE. You can see my BASE in the middle of this image.

Grab all you supplies or have them close at hand. Here are most of the basics I used.

You will also need some ink and sponges for shading your pieces.

Additionally have your card base and envelope chosen with some nice coordinating ribbon. I am using some older Stampin’ Up! Ribbon, I have no idea if they still sell this pattern.

Now it is time to decide what paper you want to be what piece. Here are all my pieces cut out and ready to go.

You can see how small some of the pieces are, I have put a dime in the picture so you can get an idea of their size.

Note to self: Even though you might be tempted, do not throw your scraps away, not matter how small they are. You never know when you might have misplaced a small piece.

After all your pieces are cut out..start sponging and shading!

2nd Note to self..when you are done…sponging…wash the ink off…you are next going to be working with WHITE paper. (I give you this advice from experience!)

It is time to start assembling. Look at your image and try to see the image in LAYERS. What will go on the bottom, some pieces work best on top, some on the bottom, it just depends on your image. Here, the wings will be my bottom layer.

Do not worry if there is a small gap. Sometimes your printer can do strange things…you just fill in the white space with a skinny sharpie and these gaps will go away. My stylus is pointing to the gaps I am talking about, which will not be visible in the final product.

At this point..you just keep adding your layers. It is like putting a puzzle together. I love this!

Ok, here is little ELVIE all dressed up in her DAPPER MAN duds! He is ready for spot on the card!

Here is the card all assembled with some more DIGI paper and some coordinating ribbon and buttons.

Now, add a nice phrase on the inside, and you have got one great looking, one of a kind card.

I hope you liked this technique. I want to thank Therese Travis of http://www.etsy.com/shop/paperfacesdesigns for allowing me to use Fairy ELVIE in this project.

*Dapper Man product avaiable here*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Website and new lines!!!

It's official.. the website is done and running!! Hurry over to check out our amazing products to try for yourself :) Let us know what you think!

Lollipop Press Website

Also, be sure to check out the shop for the 2 new November Lines: Dapper Man and Nutty Buddy!! We will be posting projects from the DT all month with these 2 incredible lines!


Monday, November 1, 2010


We have started up a NEW and AWESOME contest blog! Hop on over and check it out... and join in too!!! :)

Lollipop Spot Blog