Monday, November 22, 2010

Technique Blog Post - Amanda Boyles

I love to create with the mantra "use it up, wear it out-make it do, or do without" on repeat in my head. I find it comes in handy quite a bit with alot of the digital kits I download. I LOVE to take an element from a kit and copy and paste it a bunch of times and get creative with making it fit the look of my page. I'm sure there are some of you who have done this little trick before but I'd thought I'd show a way to use it with one of my favorite Lollipop Press kits...
I took the individual swirl element that is included in the Shaded Chic Kit and after I copied and pasted it on there a bunch of times, I just resized and flipped around to my hearts content to make that fun little swirly accent surrounding my picture...I think it framed it quite nicely! Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing what you guys can do with the Lollipop Press sure and link us to your layouts! :)

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