Friday, October 15, 2010

Yet Another!

Today I want to show you what our lovely Jeannie has done. She got the challenge bug when she saw Bre doing a digi page and wanted to take a stab at it as well. lol
SO - yet another of my hybrid girls turned digi on me and created this adorable page!

Thanks Jeannie!



  1. Hmmmm she did a great job! Just kidding! (Because I am THE JEANNIE) It was a lot of fun to do this page! Thanks for the great supplies :) The page can only be good if the supplies are good that one is working with!!

  2. You did do a great job! Was this your very first ever total digi LO? My favorite thing on your LO is the way you added the flourishes (is that how you say it?) onto your photo frame. I love that. I didn't even see that in the kit.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  3. was just a frame on a frame template in my page set up. It'd be pretty easy to do with some of the embellishments from the kit, don't you think? Oh and YES, it was my 1st try on my own!