Monday, January 10, 2011

Shaker Card - Technique post

Today i'm going to be showing you how to make a shaker card.  Some of you might already know how to make one.  This has to be on of my favorite type of cards to make.  
The materials i'm going to use are:  
Chic and Shabby line for paper and some embellishments from Lollipop Press.  
image- cake and roses from paperfacesdesigns.
 I colored the image using  

Your going to start by picking the size of card that you would like to make.  Then you will be printing the paper, embellishments and image that you would like to use.   
I started with my cardbase.  I used at 6x6 Cardbase. ( i know the picture shows a standard base!!) I then cut my image to 2 7/8" square. Make sure that your image is toward the middle of the cardstock so that you can see it through the window. Instead of printing out a digital image you can also use a stamp set and stamp your image. 

Next you are going to want to make a "window" with another piece of cardstock. The same size as your image. You can make the window a shape or just a square, anything you want!!  i just used a square. I then cut out the middle leaving a border of 1/4 inch all the way around.  Make sure that your foam 3d tape will fit on your border. Increase the size of your border to the size of the foam tape your using.  Or you can just trim your foam tape to fit.   Instead of using cardstock you can just use the Digi paper that you just printed out.  I wanted my card to be a little more sturdier so i'm just going to cover the white border with the Digi paper at the end. 

 You will now need a piece of acetate, or window sheets.  I went to Office Depot in town here and got a whole box of them Qty 100 for $20.  You will need to cut it to the same size as your window.  I cut mine to 2 7/8 square.  At this point add some adhesive to the back of your "window" and stick the acetate to it. now on the same side that you stuck the acetate to your window you will now add 3d foam around the entire window.  Making sure that there are no holes. If there are holes you will get the glitter everywhere!!

Now your going to add some sparkle!!  any type that you would like to use.  I just used CTMH Prisma Glitter. Just pour some onto the window that you just created!

Now just take off the backing of the foam tape to expose the sticky.  Then stick your image onto the foam tape. Now you have your shaker window.  TAADAA!!!

Now you will just design your card just like you normally would.  
My Finished product.  


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