Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Hop Day 5

Man.. i had a whole post written and it got erased. Hate it when that happens! So here it goes again. lol
I wanted to point out that our digital kits are not only for digital scrappers. Have you ever branched into Hybrid scrapping? It's so easy. And one main reason it's making a huge sweep in the industry now is because it's CHEAP. You will spend, on average, 20 cents per pattern paper versus the average 85 cents per paper on the physical market. What's nice is that you can purchase the papers in matching kits, so you KNOW you will always have papers that go well together. (pattern AND plain)

Did you know you can purchase JUST the paper from my kits on our website? Each kit has different purchase options to fit your needs.
If you know how to use a computer and have a decent printer, it's UBER cheap to print off what you need.

I have a few girls on my team who hybrid scrap and they are the PRIME examples of how to do it. Check out what they can do with the LP kits!

Chic & Shabby Kit used by Carol Monson:
Woodland Winter Kit used by Trish Harwick:
Now- start up our blog hop day at my blog and be sure to search each blog for the freebies given out today!


  1. Love your tip and yep have used hybrid elements I love the fan you have created

  2. great idea! Thanks for the info :)